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The Parent Education Program (PEP) located in rural Olean, New York strives to promote the development of a rich, productive and fulfilling lifestyle in partnership with all families. In essence, PEPís mission is to strengthen families. PEP can be described as a three-tiered pyramid composed of strength-based family supportive programs and projects each addressing different needs, interests and goals parents and families may have.

The excellence of the PEP programs stem from the ability to work with and educate parents in whatever capacity or at whatever level is needed. Further information can be accessed by calling (716) 372-8624.


Healthy Families Allegany / Cattaraugus are voluntary home visiting programs for expectant and new parents that promote parent/child interaction, self-sufficiency and encourage families to access community resources. Families can enter the program prenatally and up until the baby reaches the age of three months. There are four levels of home visit intensity provided until the child reaches the age of five, or attends preschool or Head Start. Services are provided to families annually in all of Cattaraugus and Allegany Counties. The program operates out of the Parent Education Program site in Olean and offers services during regular hours Monday through Friday from 8:00 A.M.  to 4:00 P.M., as well as early evenings and Saturdays as needed.


The middle tier of the pyramid is the Families First Counseling Services, a home-based program in which counselors and families work together on specific family issues that need to be addressed. Issues may include parent/child relationships, family communications, problem solving, school concerns and feelings management. Services will focus on developing a specific plan of action that directly address the strengths, needs and interests of the family. The family and counselor will evaluate the effectiveness of the plan in terms of family expectations, and continue to update and change the plan according to family needs. Counseling services usually last for three to six months with periodic follow-up throughout the next year. Referrals are made through Cattaraugus County & Allegany County Departments of Social Services.


Family Ties supervised visitation program provides a safe, neutral location for non-custodial parents to spend time with their children. Visits are fully supervised by trained staff and positive parent/child interaction is encouraged.


Our Independent Living Program consists of three apartments that are rented to families of low to moderate income levels. The goal is to provide safe and comfortable living areas to families. Supportive services are available if needed.


 The top tier, PEP’s most intensive level of services, is composed of the Families Together Program. This program is an intensive, short-term (4-12 weeks) in-home counseling and skill-building program. Its purpose is to work with families whose children are at risk of an out-of-home placement. Program services are carefully designed to instill hope and structured to focus on family strengths while respecting the uniqueness of the family’s values, beliefs and traditions. Families Together provides services that are flexible and accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This program is responsive and intensive with counselors working with only two families at a time. It is family-centered to maintain family unity, teaches skills that will promote positive changes within the family structure, and is goal-oriented to meet a family’s basic needs and help the family remain intact.

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